Social Media Who? What? Where? When? How Much?……..and why does my company not want to use them?!?!?!?

Social Media Who? What? Where? When? How Much?……..and why does my company not want to use them?!?!?!?

Social Media tools are a relatively new way companies are relying on in order to reach out to consumers as well as obtain vital data for marketing, sales, and development analysis.  The company which I use to work for was adamantly against the use of social media and claimed it costs too much money and that no company worth its shirt is going to use it.  I have since moved onto a new company which is a little more receptive to the social media concept.  One factor I noticed was that using the big names such as Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace drove away my employers because they did not associate those tools with business practices.  As a result I compiled a list of well used but maybe not well known social media tools that could convince the not so ready employers to start considering social media tools.  The links at the bottom of the blog are a great way to show any employer real life examples of social media tools working for big companies. 

Does your company think no big name companies use social media tools? Show your employer the Table 1 Chart and let them be the judge:

Table 1

SM Tool Current Clients
Radian6 Pepsi, Southwest Airlines, Red Cross, and H&R Block
Lithium Coca Cola, Motorolas, Stubhub, and Best Buy
Alterian SM2 Pursuit, Rosetta, and YouCast
Crimson Hexagon AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, and Microsoft
Spiral16 Toyota, Lee, Cadbury
dna13 Wachovia and Miami Heat
buzz capture TNT, BMW, Nissan

This table not only shows that companies within the same industry can use different SM Tools to gather similar types of information but that a number of these companies are major brands.  For example Toyota, BMW, and Nissan are all listed however Toyota uses Spiral16 rather than buzz capture.  Likewise the same can be said for Pepsi and Coca Cola with Pepsi using Radian6 and Coca Cola using Lithium.

In order to have my employers better understand the different uses for the technology these social media tools allow for; the following table illustrates the technology and the uses.

Table 2

SM Tool Technology Behind SM
Radian6 Offers an engagement console that allows you to coordinate responses

internally to external activity

Lithium Lithium monitors search specific mentions and then inputs the data into graphs
Alterian SM2 Monitors daily volume, demographics, location, tone, and emotion of

conversations surrounding a brand.

Crimson Hexagon Taps into billions of conversations for better understanding of where

a company can improve. 

Spiral16 Uses 3D displays and a standard dashboard to min large amount of data
dna13 Uses MediaVantage to monitor all media coverage and present it in

 an easy-to-read format

buzz capture Uses Buzzcapture to track companies buzz in their markets

This table breaks down the inner workings of each individual SM Tool.  As you will notice some SM Tools have the same practicality as one another.  For example Lithium and Alterian SM2 both monitor conversations pertaining to a business or product.  Another example would be how dna13 and buzz capture look to document media coverage surrounding a product or business.

As previously noted my employers where very cost wary of going into a social media specific marketing and branding plan.  Below are some potential costs that a company will incur in order to use certain social media tools.

Table 3

SM Tool Cost
Radian6 $600/month
Lithium Base plan of $249/month for five users and five searches
Alterian SM2 Ranges from $500/month to $15,000/month depending on the desired volume of results
Crimson Hexagon Based on number of searches
Spiral16 $500 for five queries
dna13 $560/month with a $500 initial set-up fee
buzz capture Between $13,000 to $91,000

This table allows everyone to view the different pricing structures each SM Tool has, some are a lot more affordable than others.  SM Tools like Lithium and Crimson Hexagon charge by the number of searches.  Other SM Tools like dna13 and Radian6 have relatively low monthly fees.  Alterian SM2 and buzz capture can grow up to the tens of thousands depending on the client need.  Depending on the company some may choose one SM Tool over another or even combine two in order to save money.

Examples of the previously List Social Media Tools being used in Real Life

Interesting Case Studies


5 thoughts on “Social Media Who? What? Where? When? How Much?……..and why does my company not want to use them?!?!?!?

  1. Thanks for including Radian6 in your post. Great rundown on products around social media monitoring. If you need more info on us to share, just let me know! Thanks. 🙂 — Amanda, Radian6 Community Manager

  2. Your approach to educating reluctant companies about social media is clever and the use of the three tables to show current clients, the actual use and the cost of each tool made it easily understandable and not overwhelming. Out of the seven social media tools you listed I only knew one and I’m quite ashamed because I handle the social media for my company. We currently use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Yelp. I tell you right now I really wish I read your blog this past December when we were trying to decided whether to keep our SEO and reputation management in house or have our web design company handle it. We ended out handing them the project, but I plan to look further into these tools this fall when I begin my planning for next year. The use of these social media tools may seem pricey and could result in sticker shock making companies shy away, however what price can you put on your brand and reputation being tarnished in a negative light? For the smaller businesses, they probably can’t afford neither the social media tool, not the negative PR. Do you know if any of these tools are offered at different levels on a ‘per need’ basis – for example, basic vs premium packages?

  3. Very interesting post, thanks for sharing. I really liked the business-focused application of your blog. Social Media can seem so consumer-centric, but it definitely has very valid business applications and your examples were all great. I looked at the Coca-Cola page, and was surprised that there were only 5,000 conversations a day about Coca-Cola on social media. I thought it would be higher due to Coca-Cola’s global presence. Its great to have it as a comparison to use if other companies provide their daily conversation numbers. Looking forward to your next post!

  4. Hi Chris,
    You provide good information. You post is very persuasive for an exec who is uncertain about joining SM(ie mentioning Fortune 500 companies that use SM). I like the brevity of your presentation. I’m able to easily digest it. I was unfamiliar with all the tools you mention—so thank you! Spiral16 sounds very intriguing. In regard to constructive criticism, be aware of run-on sentences. The lack of them will add polish.

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