Qwoosh Driving Business!!

Qwoosh is a mobile application made available by a company named Fanggle.  Fanggle was founded on the vision of being able to supply vertical tools to help companies conduct better business. Within the vertical platform a number of applications are made available to businesses such as QWallet, interactive media and social media applications.  Essentially Qwoosh is a coupon application that takes advantage of mobile phones and social media.  No more are the days of searching through flier after flier for coupons and having to hold on to all of them.  Now the coupons come to you via your smart phones, these can still be printed incase consumers want that option.

Screen Shot


Qwoosh uses the GPS that comes standard in most if not all phones and immediately sends the user of the phone a list of coupons that correlate to the area which you are in.  Qwoosh supplies consumers with the best couponing deals closest to them. Qwoosh calls this system location based couponing and it is something that takes into account the convenience desire of consumers and the ability for businesses to attract consumers’ right outside the doors.  One of the better features about Qwoosh is that the user only gets the coupon updates when you request them and the user can also add in preferences in order to get the specific coupons desired.

How it works for Businesses:

Businesses have complete control over the entire couponing process, everything from choosing the location to putting the details in about the offer. 

 First the business must choose a location:      


Next the business must build the coupon offer:


What success has the application enjoyed?

The measurable success for Qwoosh is still up in the air as the company is still new to the industry however business signs show promise.  Qwoosh is continuing to evolve and become more applicable to different froms of media outlets and technology.  The fact the Fanggle is continuing to invest time and money into the product stand to say that it is returning profit to the company.  Aside from internal success Fanggle partners as well as users of Qwoosh have seen success in terms of immediate profit and in some cases reaching fundraising goals.  Qwoosh has also expanded in terms of what services and analytics it can provide a business.  As a result a product that is in demand and continuing to improve it’s offerings to consumers is none the less a product that is seeing success in different ways. 

How was success measured?

Qwoosh has a built in analytic system that all users of the product get rights to use. From screen shots that measure statistics and display them graphically (See picture below) to data reports.  The success is measure in the amount of sales these coupons bring to the businesses using the application.  Aside from getting brand awareness which is something all marketing campaigns look for Qwoosh also provides that opportunity to manage the coupons on the fly as well as look at which coupon campaigns returned more profit etc.  This analytic system can measure conversion rates which is very useful both for the businesses using Qwoosh and Fanggle.   


Have you ever used Qwoosh?If so leave me a comment as I am interested to learn more about the product reviews directly from its target market base.




One thought on “Qwoosh Driving Business!!

  1. Interesting post, thanks for sharing! I don’t currently use Qwoosh nor do I think my business does, but after reading your post it does sound like something I’d be interested in using and I think my company would too (a consumer product manufacturer). I went online to the App Store to download the app to test it out, and I could not find it. I searched for “Qwoosh” in the Apple i-Phone app store. Do you have it? If you do, which phone do you use it on and how did you find it? Thanks!

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