The Potential Evolution of the Social Media Landscape

This blog post is meant to be focused around the question of how I see virtual communities evolving on the Social Media Landscape.  Social Media is a great tool, one in which everyone and anyone with a computer and or smart phone can easily obtain access to.  That being said the social media landscape is growing at an alarming rate bringing ample competition for newest of the new social technology.  With all these companies naturally looking to take their own piece of the pie, there will undoubtedly be new technologies introduced in order to create new social media outlets.  The social media landscape aims to be wide ranging and benefits from being this way.  So will social media communities evolve and if so how?

The Social Media landscape will continue to grow in terms of the pure number of users, applications available, and reach ability. The area I see that will most likely begin to garner some attention is the mobile application sector.  Mobile applications are great; they allow consumers to tap into the social landscape remotely from their phones.  The issue with this is that with so many cell phones laws coming into affect it will limit the amount of time consumers can naturally use their phones in this fashion.  I am an advocate of not allowing drivers to use cell phones; in fact it is highly mandated at the transportation company I work at that this is not allowed.  However hands free phones such as Bluetooth devices are allowed. 

This brings me to my main concept for growth which will involve voice activated mobile applications.  Voice activated mobile applications will allow for hands free communication for drivers that are looking to potentially tweet about events etc.  Dragon Software allows people to speak and the software actually types what the person is saying.  Somehow incorporating similar technology into applications could provide a major breakthrough.  People spend a lot of time driving which means more time away from computers and smart phones.  Minimizing this downtime will mean there are a higher likeliness people will login into the various social media outlets.   

The drivers behind this would naturally be the ‘on the go’ consumer and the ever dependant youth of America in terms of needing smart phones attaché to their hips.  These two phenomena will collaborate to push this potential idea into fruition.  Consumers are always looking for more immediate access to deals before they get to stores.  With voice activated applications they can now obtain these while driving legally to the stores of choice.  At the same time as the youth in America grow older the dependence they have already developed for technology will continue to drive ventures like this one. 

There is an inherent need for technology in today’s consumer’s mindsets and being able to give consumers one more way to connect to this information cannot hurt, can it? Is this something that can actually work, there are a number of target markets if it can.  Are there already similar technologies out there that can get partnered into this type of evolution like Dragon Software could? Leave me a response on my idea.    

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